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Dated: October 2 2020

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Moving is a busy and at times stressful season. But it doesn’t have to be! Our team of moving experts here at On The Go Moving believes that moving doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. With adequate prepping, packing, and organized storage, your relocation can pass with minimal stress.

how to pack a storage united

If you are in the process of packing boxes to go in your storage unit, this article will detail our top tips on how to pack a storage unit. 


6 Tips for Efficiently Packing a Storage Unit

If this is your first time packing a storage unit, our moving experts here at On The Go Moving have compiled a list of 6 helpful, organizational tips for you.

Before we dive into the storage unit tips though, let’s first take a look at what not to put in a storage unit.

1. Use Descriptive Labels

The more descriptive of labels you use, the easier it will be when it comes to unpacking on the other side of your move. List the general category of the storage item followed by sub-items that are in the box. If the large category is “kitchen” for example and the box is filled with miscellaneous kitchen items, label it “Kitchen Misc.”

If there are items inside that are of greater use of importance to you, record that they are in the box (ex. Category: kitchen; important items: colander, kitchen aid, etc.). 

storage unit organization

2. Don’t Pack the Dirties

People are often rushed when it comes to packing storage unit items and end up packing dirty items. Please don’t do this! Your future self will thank you so much when it comes to unpacking on the other side when you have shiny, clean dishes, and fresh clothing that doesn’t smell musty. Make sure all items that are going in your storage unit are clean and neatly stowed when packing for a storage unit.

how to organize a storage unit

3. Pack in Categories

An essential organization hack, make sure that you pack everything in categories. Don’t mix clothing with kitchen storage or household items with kid’s room decor. When you are packing for a storage unit, set aside boxes that are entirely dedicated to kitchen items, household items, toys, etc. Refrain from mixing categories as much as possible and only pack items with other items that make sense. Believe us, you’ll be so grateful that you did.

4. Make an Inventory of Items That You are Storing

There are few things worse than that sinking feeling you get in your gut after moving when you can’t remember whether you stored, packed, or donated a specific item. Your spouse also can’t remember the desired item and this leaves you panicked, wondering whether at a moment’s frustration you discarded an item that you now really need. 

Creating an inventory of storage items will eliminate this problem completely. Create a storage inventory, put categories on it (kitchen, kid’s bedroom, bathroom, pets, etc.), and list notable items that you are storing in each category.

We’d advise making your inventory on your laptop or phone to avoid the possibility of it getting lost and as this allows it to be more organized than a paper list. Even better, consider sharing it on Google Drive or iCloud so you and others can all access it at any point.

how to store clothes in a storage unit

5. Organize Your Storage Unit by Priority

Another how to pack a storage unit tip is to arrange your unit by priority. How likely are you to come back and need certain boxes? If you are storing items that you are very likely to need, make sure that you store them in a more accessible spot than other boxes with items that you definitely won’t need. Create a storage unit map as well if that helps you to remember where items are.

what not to put in a storage unit

6. Work Your Way Up

When organizing your storage unit, work your way from the bottom up. Start by deciding which items and boxes will go on the bottom and how you will organize and stack from there. You should be putting the heaviest items on the bottom and leaving lighter storage boxes for the top.


Make Your Storage Unit Efficient With Shelving

All too often relocators just think that they need sturdy boxes, a label maker, and a roll of tape and that this will result in a perfectly organized storage unit. 

Our storage unit and moving experts recommend that relocators invest a little more into organizing their storage units though. We’d suggest buying a sturdy shelf or two and lining the walls of the storage unit with shelving to promote better organization.

packing a storage unit

How to Store Clothes in a Storage Unit

Make sure that your clothing is clean and completely dry when you pack it for storage. Failing to properly clean and thoroughly dry your clothes will result in mildew, mold, and musty odors when you unpack. 

Clothing should be neatly folded and placed in plastic containers with secure lids to protect them from moth damage and mold. Another tip for how to pack clothes for a storage unit is to pack clothes with scented mothballs. This way when you unpack your clothes smell fresh and look clean.

See How to Pack Clothes For Moving


Make a Stress-Free Move With On The Go Moving’s Professional Packing Services

Our team of moving professionals offers packing services to help homeowners make their relocation that much easier. We also offer a range of other moving day services to meet the needs of various homeowners.

If you are preparing for an upcoming move and need some help getting the ball rolling, give On The Go Moving a call today. We’d be happy to talk over moving day packages with you and help you find the best packing and moving day solution for you.

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