1. Finding A Home for Sale At the Right Price

    If you just started your search for a new home in a location that you may be unfamiliar with, you are most likely already at a disadvantage when it comes time to meet with a seller and their real estate agent. From understanding market conditions to having the knowledge of past closing prices, there are many key pieces of information that you will want to be well aware of before making an offer on…Read More

  2. What to Look for When Buying Your First Home

    When searching for your dream home, it can sometimes be difficult to spot red flags, especially if you have never purchased a home before. Whether you fall victim to subjectivity, or lack the experience and knowledge necessary to find inconsistencies in a home, there are many areas of a house worth thoroughly inspecting before moving forward with the closing process. In today’s article, we will …Read More

  3. Hiring An Inspector Before Purchasing A Home

    If you are like many first-time homebuyers in search of their dream home, you have most likely compiled a list of characteristics that your next home should possess. Many of the traits that buyers look for in a home tend to be superficialities, where looks can sometimes take precedence over infrastructure. However, if you are planning on settling down into one home for an extended period of time,…Read More

  4. How A Real Estate Agent Can Help You Purchase Your Home

    If you have started searching for your dream home, you have probably realized rather quickly just how difficult it can be to find a home that checks every box on your list of needs. Without knowing the area you are thinking of purchasing a home in, you may not know which neighborhood or price point is right for you, causing a never-ending headache and undue stress on your behalf. Fortunately, qual…Read More

  5. Three Questions to Ask Before Buying A Home

    As a first-time homebuyer, there are many red flags you should be aware of that you may not have initially considered. Making a hasty purchasing decision without first doing your homework on the property for sale can leave you with costly repairs, unforeseen damages, and time lost due to remodeling projects. Worse yet, the addition of a monthly mortgage payment can make it extremely difficult to c…Read More